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The cóndor is a representation of abundance, it is known to stand for wisdom, justice, goodness, and leadership all of which are components that we not only practice with but hope to help you develop and apply in your personal life.

The process of recalling unpleasant events and resolving them through therapy can bring on feelings of frustration, anger, and possible depression or anxiety. However, participating in therapy can result in benefits to you by allowing you to better understand yourself, your relationships, your goals, values, and your sense of self. 

We look forward to supporting you through your personalized therapy journey. We are thrilled you have chosen to work on yourself, you matter, you are worth it and this is one step to becoming the best version of yourself. Contact us today to book a consultation.

  • Psychedelic integration
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Sex/ kink positive
  • LGBT+ affirming
  • Trauma informed care
  • Safe approach by BIPOC clinicians for other minorities

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Words from our Founder & Clinical Director 

My passion was providing services to the re-entry population, treating psychotic disorders and most importantly working with the military/ veteran community. Over time things shifted and as I grew into a private practice the universe lead me into doing powerful work with women in postpartum. One thing is certain, my specialty has always been working with survivors of trauma. 

I frequently get asked what was the inspiration behind the logo & practice name so I wanted to share that they both came during a plant medicine ceremony in Iquitos, Peru. I decided to use the Condor, the sacred bird for the Inca empire as it represents my values and the tenacity for everything that I do: ambition, boldness, strengths, balance & uniqueness.
I understand how valuable it is to find someone you vibe with, having said that, my style and my approach IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I use an alternative & holistic approach when providing services. I do this through the use of psychedelics integration and animal assisted therapy as needed. I help individuals navigate motherhood, ancestral healing, generational and inter-generational trauma as well as other conditions that affect our mood, thoughts, and behavior.
Essentially I help folks heal, I coach, I teach, I guide and do so by disrupting traditional ways of thinking or doing things. I like to think of myself as a Peruvian warrior, a unicorn and most importantly a medicine woman. I hope you are ready to lean in and I welcome you into my community.
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